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Books Received - An Update

4th Jun, 2011

Author: Peter Tennant

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Listed below are the books received for review since the last update, which was back on 13 April 2011.

Only thirteen books listed this time, so the flood seems to have abated since my last update. However, I have reason to believe that some titles may not be reaching me, so if you've sent anything prior to this week just gone and haven't seen it listed on the site, a query to would be a good idea.

Three of the titles are by women, so that takes our totals for the year so far to 11 books by women out of 77 received, which is a slight increase since the last update.

The highlights this time around, include the latest novel by Gary McMahon, The Concrete Grove, which is the first volume in a trilogy, and Lisa Hannett's collection Bluegrass Symphony. Gary's work will be familiar to long time readers of Black Static, while I hadn't heard of Lisa until our feature back in #21 on Australian writer Angela Slatter, with whom she has collaborated. In fact the two of them just won an Aurealis Award for one of their stories, so congratulations Angela and Lisa.

If you're a person who values books for their appearance and rarity as much as for the content, then the titles by Side Real Press and Tasmaniac should both be of interest. Delicate Toxins: A Collection of Strange Tales has a cover design every bit as impressive as that of Alraune, which I reviewed back in #20, and contains stories inspired by the work of Hanns Heinz Ewers with a ToC that includes Reggie Oliver, Mark Samuels and Mark Valentine. Bone Marrow Stew is billed as 'Collected Works - Volume One' and contains seventeen stories by Tim Curran, a writer I've seen one or two pieces by over the years and welcome this opportunity to get better acquainted with his writing. In addition to an introduction by Simon Clark it has a distinctive cover design by Deena Warner and some striking artwork by Keith Minnion.

And a parting shout out to Des Lewis, whose first novel Nemonymous Night has just been released by the industrious folk over at Chômu Press.

As ever, people are welcome to query me regarding the possibility of a review by writing to with the usual caveat that an expression of interest does not guarantee if or when a review will be done.

August 2011

  • Lisa L. Hannett - Bluegrass Symphony - Ticonderoga paperback (ARC)

July 2011

  • Joe Simpson Walker - Jeanette - Chômu Press paperback (ARC)
  • Tim Curran - Bone Marrow Stew - Tasmaniac hardback

 June 2011

  • Mira Grant - Deadline - Orbit paperback
  • Richard T. Kelly - The Possessions of Doctor Forrest - Faber paperback
  • Gary McMahon - The Concrete Grove - Solaris paperback
  • D. F. Lewis - Nemonymous Night - Chômu Press paperback (ARC)

May 2011

  • Marie Jakober - The Demon Left Behind - Edge paperback
  • Edited by Russell B. Farr - Dead Red Heart: Australian Vampire Stories - Ticonderoga paperback (ARC)
  • Jason Whittle - The Dead Shall Feed - Panic Press paperback
  • Edited by John Hirschhorn-Smith - Delicate Toxins - Side Real Press hardback

April 2011

  • Edited by Justin Gustainis - Those Who Fight Monsters: Tales of Occult Detectives - Edge paperback
  • Edited by Michael Kelly - Chilling Tales: Evil I Did Dwell - Lewd Did I Live - Edge paperback


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