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Black Static

Dark Fiction & Film BLACK STATIC ISSUE 61 OUT NOW!

Black Static #28 Out Very Soon

11th Apr, 2012

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Item image: Black Static 28 Cover

Issue 28 of British Fantasy Award winning magazine Black Static contains new stories by Carole Johnstone, Jon Ingold, Priya Sharma, Joel Lane, Daniel Kaysen. Colour artwork is by Mark Pexton, Richard Wagner, David Gentry, and Warwick Fraser-Coombe (a crop from Warwick's illustration for Carole Johnstone's 'The Pest House' appears on the cover – click on the image to make it bigger). Peter Tennant reviews books and interviews Christopher Fowler. Tony Lee reviews the latest and forthcoming DVDs and Blu-rays. Mike O'Driscoll covers horror on TV in new column Silver Bullets. Comment is supplied by Christopher Fowler and Stephen Volk, and there is genre news in White Noise.

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