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Black Static

Dark Fiction & Film BLACK STATIC ISSUE 61 OUT NOW!

The Beautiful Ones: The ToCs

12th Sep, 2012

Author: Peter Tennant

In the Case Notes section of Black Static #30 I review five short story collections from publishers whose output seems aimed primarily at the collector market. Unfortunately space did not permit me to discuss every single story, but by way of a consolation prize, and for the benefit of those who may want to know if a particular story was included, I'm going to reproduce the Table of Contents for each collection.

Flame & other enigmatic tales - Maynard Sims

(Sarob Press hb, 145pp, £22.50)

Illustrations by Paul Lowe

Double Act








Rumours of the Marvellous - Peter Atkins

(Alchemy Press/Airgedlamh Productions hb, 240pp, £19.99)

Introduction by Glen Hirshberg

King of Outer Space

Stacy and Her Idiot

Between the Cold Moon and the Earth

Doctor Arcadia

Intricate Green Figurines

The Cubist's Attorney

Prisoners of the Inferno

The Girl in the Blue Volcano

The Show Must Go On

The Mystery


The Last of the Invisible Kings

Frumpy Little Beat Girl

Dancing Like We're Dumb


Devils' Drums - Vivian Meik

(Medusa Press hb, 247pp, $40)

Introduction by Douglas A. Anderson

Author's Foreword

Devils' Drums

White Zombie

An Acre in Hell

The Doll of Death

White Man's Law

...L'Amitie Reste

The Man Who Sold His Shadow


A Honeymoon In Hate

Domira's Drum

The Two Old Women


I Leave It to You


Bone Marrow Stew: Collected Stories Volume One - Tim Curran

(Tasmaniac Publications hb, 463pp, $40)

Illustrations by Keith Minnion

Introduction - Welcome to the Feast by Simon Clark

Reign of the Eater

Red Sea

The Eyes of Howard Curlix

The Chattering of Tiny Teeth

Not Sugar, Spice, or Anything Nice

Pit Crew

Long in the Tooth

The Resurrection Man

Little Miss Wicked

The Architect of Pestilence

Night and Fog

Queen of Spades

The Wreck of the Ghost

One Dark September Night...


The Puppeteer

The Legend of Black Betty



Shadow Plays - Reggie Oliver

(Egaeus Press hb, 352pp, £30)


Beside the Shrill Sea

Miss Marchant's Cause

The Boy In Green Velvet

The Golden Basilica

The Dreams of Cardinal Vittorini

The Time of Blood

The Constant Rake

The Skins

The Blue Room

Bloody Bill

Love Unknown - A play in two acts



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