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Black Static


Gray Friar Press - The ToCs

12th Mar, 2013

Author: Peter Tennant

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In the Case Notes section of Black Static #32, I review four books from Gray Friar Press, one anthology and three short story collections. Unfortunately space did not allow me to discuss every single story and so now, as promised, but somewhat later than intended, I'm going to reproduce the Table of Contents for each title, for the benefit of those who may wish to know if a particular story was included.

Terror Tales of East Anglia

Edited by Paul Finch

(GFP pb, 227pp, £8.99)

Loose by Paul Meloy & Gary Greenwood

The Most Haunted House in England

Deep Water by Christopher Harman

Murder in the Red Barn

The Watchman by Roger Johnson

The Woman in Brown

Shuck by Simon Bestwick

The Witchfinder-General

The Marsh Warden by Steve Duffy

Beware the Lantern Man!

The Fall of the King of Babylon by Mark Valentine

The Weird in the Wood

Double Space by Gary Fry

The Dagworth Mystery

Wicken Fen by Paul Finch

Boiled Alive

Wolferton Hall by James Doig

The Wandering Torso

Aldeburgh by Johnny Mains

The Killer Hounds of Southery

Like Suffolk, Like Holidays by Alison Littlewood

The Demon of Wallasea Island

The Little Wooden Box by Edward Pearce

The Dark Guardian of Wandlebury

The Spooks of Shellborough by Reggie

Enemies at the Door - Paul Finch

(GFP pb, 211pp, £8.99)

When ...


Those They Left Behind

We, Who Live in the Wood

The Faerie

Daddy was a Space Alien

The Doom

Blessed Katie

Elderly Lady, Lives Alone

The Ditch

The Poppet

Enemies at the Door

Peel Back the Sky - Stephen Bacon

(GFP pb, 197pp, £8.99)

Introduction by Nicholas Royle

Last Summer

The Trauma Statement

The Strangled Garden

Catch Me If I Fall

Persistence of Vision

Girl Afraid

The Other Side of Silence

A Solace of Winter Rain

The House of Constant Shadow

With Black Foreboding Eyed

Daddy Giggles

The Toymaker of Bremen

The Shadow Puppets

Room above the Shop


Hour of Departure

I Am a Creation of Now

The Devourer of Dreams


Forever Autumn

Cone Zero

Story Notes & Acknowledgements

From Hell to Eternity - Thana Niveau

(GFP pb, 227pp, £8.99)

Introduction by Ramsey Campbell

The Curtain

The Coal-Man


The Cutting Room Floor

Ultrasound Shadow

The Death of Dreams

The Pier

The Scouring

Under the Skin

A Time of Choice


Strange Games

Bruised Fruit

White Roses, Bloody Silk

Stolen to Time

From Hell to Eternity

Delighting in What I Fear: story notes



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