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Black Static


Desert Island Anthologies: Charles Black

27th Oct, 2010

Author: Peter Tennant

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As our Anthology Month staggers to a close we have yet another editor willing to reveal their favourite anthology, the one they would take with them to a desert island.

And that editor is Charles Black, whose anthology The Sixth Black Book of Horror I reviewed in Black Static #19, and this is his contribution to our 'Anthology Month':-

Who are ya?

Most people have no idea who I am: to some I'm 'that bastard who rejected my story' and to a few I'm known as the editor of The Black Books of Horror. This is a series in the tradition of the British anthologies of yesteryear; in particular those edited by Herbert van Thal, Mary Danby, Michel Parry, Hugh Lamb, Peter Haining, David Sutton, and Richard Davis.

Favourite Anthology?

That's a difficult choice to make. I'm not even sure which is my favourite anthology, or if I'd choose to take it with me. How long is this desert island stay meant to last, anyway? Should I take something big like the Dark Descent? Or one of the Mary Danby edited 65 Great Tales of series? But I don't really want to take a book full of stories that I've read many times before in lots of other anthologies. 

A couple of candidates that come to mind, that I'd like to revisit, are August Derleth's Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos and The Man in Black: Macabre Stories from Fear on Four. But if pushed to choose just one anthology, it would be from my favourite anthology series, so I'm going to go for The Ninth Pan Book of Horror.

Future Projects?

The Eighth Black Book of Horror (definitely) and then further volumes (probably). And inspired by Best New Zombie Tales which I had a story in, Best Nude Zombie Tales (maybe).


We have four days left before 'Anthology Month' has run its course, and I have to start thinking up other things to write about instead of letting editors do all the work for me. Should there be any anthology editors lurking around out there who would like to take part, you are almost all welcome to send me something via

To repeat myself from earlier, those from whom contributions are not welcome, include known plagiarists, misogynists, homophobes, racists and people who like Showaddywaddy.



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