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Black Static


All Treats, No Tricks

30th Oct, 2010

Author: Peter Tennant

Still stuck for ideas this Halloween? Well, all of these suggestions probably come too late to be of any good for the day itself, but a horror treat is for all the year, not just the one day.

ITEM: Lisa Morton, who has contributed to our sister publication Crimewave, has a new novella out from Bad Moon Books. It's called The Samhanach, is about Halloween festivities that go decidedly awry, and you can find out more by clicking on the first link below.

ITEM: Our good friends at PS Publishing plan to throw open the portals of their brand new website sometime on Sunday the 31st of October, and they have all sorts of special offers and competitions planned for the first week of trading, including the chance to snag free books and a lifetime subscription - in fact too many good things going on for us to tell you about them here. Our advice is to nip on over to their website as early as you can tomorrow and check in on the News Room to find out what's cooking (the page shown at the moment is only a countdown page, and so doesn't have details).

ITEM: Cemetery Dance are releasing a limited edition of Oktober Shadows, a brand new, original Halloween story by Norman Partridge, but they're only taking orders for four days, with the offer expiring at midnight on November the 1st, so check it out tout sweet by clicking on the third link below.

ITEM: Word Dogs, Glasgow's celebrated spoken word event, will be throwing an after Halloween thrash on the evening of November the 1st, and you can find out all about that one - the who, what, where and when - by clicking on the fourth link below.

Happy Halloween every one.


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