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Author:  Marion Arnott [ Thu Jan 11, 2018 12:12 am ]
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This show was a by confusing, some of it filmed before last night's eviction and some of after. Never mind, there were goodies in the mix.

Malika cut Ann's habit and made a very good job of it. Ann was delighted and the two women chatted away. Then Malika went and nominated her. I still think that was odd.
Ann then went to Ashleigh and had her make-up done. Again, Ashleigh did it very well. Ann preened when the men, notably John Barnes, wolf whistled. It was a nice moment. BB keeps trying to provoke Ann into saying something controversial. But no joy - in the DR she firmly proclaimed that wolf whistles weren't sex is, but a compliment. She insisted they cheer women up. The country, she intoned, is becoming miserable, having allowed activists to take things too seriously and drive out cheerfulness.

While Ann was having her hair done, India became restless to resume an important opic - herself. She announced, apropos of nothing, that she was only accepted as a woman to a certain extent as she was a trans woman. 'What did you expect?' Rachel asked drily.

Cue Courtney answering Ann's question about this identity as opposed to his alter ego, Courtney. Somehow he managed to introduce the topic of how many straight men he'd had relations with. I wonder why that is so significant to him. Wayne Sleep joined in to tell how he'd only come out after his mother had died. This is tedious stuff. No one ever asks the women any questions - they only have to listen.

Rachel pressed Wayne for details of his jungle experience on the reality show. She pressed too hard and failed to attend to his efforts to avoid interrogation. Do I detect a nomination coming her way.

After the nominations were over, courtney was dressed in a black skimpy teddy with her legs all over the place. He was anxious to talk about sex again - when does he do anything else. He had the impertinence to ask Malika how she would feel if she discovered her partner had had gay relationships in the past. He stretched and posed and stared at her. Why ask a beautiful woman a question like that? Especially when she has a low cut dress revealing a cleavage that's real and not made of foam.
Perhaps that cleavage made Courtney competitive. He blurted out a story about having a threesome with 2 lesbians. I think everyone was supposed to be impressed but there is more than a touch of schoolboy bragging in all his stories. Unfortunately, Jonny seems to be impressed (utterly credulous) and what with a public vote in the offing and the necessity to catch the public eye, he's cuddling up with Courtney.

The Daily Mail reports that India claims that she was once abducted by aliens. She has the scars on her back to prove it. This story has not been aired as yet, but surely it trumps Courtney's three some.

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Thu Jan 11, 2018 11:35 pm ]
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[Great Wall of Vagina

The push is on to win a two day task and win power in the house. HMs have returned to the Fifties (just an excuse to wear beautiful full skirted dresses in bright prints) and the men will work in a factory on an assembly line while the girls women stay at home and keep a perfect house and cook for the workers when they come home. Except that's not what's really happening -the women will go to their own factory and compete secretly and directly against the men. At least this secret task silenced India's accusations of sexism.

It to7ok the teams no time at all to organise cake box assembly, and blue icing and sprinkles, and chocolate Swiss rolls - just as well because the assembly line moved at high speed. The women won by a wide margin, thanks in part to Ann who approached the task with a furrowed brow concentration while the men larked about. It is part of the task that the men should not discover the women's factory; the game was nearly uo when courtney wondered how the perfect wives had managed to Hoover when the extension was too short.

In the factory a discussion on the subject of Harvey Weinstein an CD the harassment of women took place. John Barnes, ever the gentleman
, was appalled by it all.
Courtney, however, kept talking over him and interrupting. All sexual matters must be referred too Courtneym the expert. He seemed to hint that there was too much fuss being made and then remembered that this would not be a popular idea and ended his intervention with a limp agreement that it should be taken seriously,

India wanted to sit out the Fifties party because she felt that everything she did was wrong.
As Malika put it, India has quarrels with just about everyone and never stops to ask why, what is SHE doing wrong.

Still, India spent a happy time with Andrew who asked her about her reassignment surgery. She relished telling Andrew about selecting the size of her vagina from a book titled The Great Wall of Vagina - it wouldn't surpise me if that wasn't a joke. She was rapturous about her surgery even if it did cost £14,000. She then wanted to tell Andrew about her vulva but fortunately the camera moved away from her.
Just too much information there.

In the DR, India was lavish in her praise of Ashleigh's attitude to her and the girl's showmance. The other women, sadly, would not allow India be one of them..Oh, she's a martyr is India.

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:50 am ]
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Lost my post. Will report again tomorrow.

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Sat Jan 13, 2018 1:21 pm ]
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Fare Ye Well Forever

She's gone and taken her professorial didacticism with her . At least she realised that on her part there had been too much gender talk and too many attempts to stir up conflict. She later explained to Ryan Clark that she was going through her adolescence due to her transition and, although she was fifty two, a former male adult, and someone's Dad, she was actually emotionally a fifteen year old girl.
O- ka-a-y
She still insisted that she had a phobia of drag queens... Oh, India, the photos of you and your drag queen friends are all over the internet!

Rachel,always up for discussing current affairs, raised the topic of Weinstein and the #MeToo campaign. Ann instantly flared up and called the campaign 'wimpery' designed to destroy men; over the last few years, she said, that had become evident. Even the judiciary were in on it!
Some insight into what formed Ann's views was provided in the DR when she spoke of her own Fifties upbringing. Deference to the man of the house was fundamental to women's thinking and behaviour. I suppose she would have to have been married to scotch that one.

There was an ironic postscript to Ann's wimpery. Ashley and Ginuwine are now the official house showmance (everyone is talking about them and the camera's love to linger). Ginuwine wanted a kiss but she pulled back. His response was to hold her face in an iron grip and no matter how hard she pushed at him, he carried on.
Wimpery to complain, I dare say.

Maggie and Amanda were subjected to male misbehaviour. In the bedroom. The two women were talking when suddenly Wayne Sleep dropped his towel and exposed himself.. Twice. Maggie and Amanda just laughed. But what possible reaction was he looking for?

Andrew seems to be longing for a showmance with Cou.rtney. She's so gorgeous that he realises he would be in danger from her after a few beers. Let's face it, even stone cold sober he'd fancy her. Even when Courtney is Sean and all traces of drag cast ok, Andrew still wants to play. The pair of them got in a bath together (after Andrew slapped Sean' s backside a few times -- a big no-no, I imagine, since Sean regards himself as a work off art, an installation not to be tampered with). Once in the bath, Sean got busy
shaving Andrew's legs for him. It was oddly sickening and got worse when Ashley swueezed in and got her armpits shaved. All that hair floating in the water - yeuch!

In the DR Sean insisted there was no sexual tension between him and Andrew. He just enjoys the friendship, the brotherhood etc
I suspect Andrew feels a bit differently and doesn't realise that Sean isn't as playful or sexual as he makes out.

The final part of the factory task (assembling and painting toy cars was won by the men and giving them an overall victory and the power to nominate next week.

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Sun Jan 14, 2018 1:16 am ]
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Hard As Nails


Male HMs are in charge and have quickly assigned employment to the women. Ann is a butler, Jess a cleaner and so on. BB must be disappointed that the ladies took their tasks with perfect good humour. They had the house in order and the lunch bubbling away in jig time.

In the DR, Ginuwine was at pains to say how much fun he and Ashley are having.
She is certainly filmed often hanging from his neck.
Do they really think they are fooling anyone?

Some deceptive behaviour from Courtney too. She told Malika that she and Andrew are just good friends! And that Courtney wasn'that kind of girl and didn't want to live with the expectation that something might happen. Andrew just has to remain the unrequited love friend

If that is what she really wants, then why is she leading him on? At the eviction, she wasseated across from him and caught his eye then deliberately crossed her legs at him. Later, she was all over him on the sofa. Later still in the kitchen they embraced. She spotted a camera non them and ostentatiously caressed his bum. The shocking thing about it was the hard stare she gave the camera. Oh, it was as hard as nails.
They were soon under the garden furry throws -all in jest, of course. I don't know th st Andrew quite sees it that way.
Courtney's behaviour needs a closer look. She was baiting again, quizzing her about her thoughts on the Vatican's stance on condoms. One thing led to another and soon Ann was proclaiming that there should be no sex outside marriage. This is not the first time he's tried to draw .her unfashionable views out. Last time it was gay rights and a perfect storm of quick fire questions. It's disrespectful, even a kind of bullying. He just sits there waiting for her to be revealed as a dinosaur compared to his own progressive modern outlook. Young smart alec man having a go at an elderly woman is not a good look. I think too he underestimates how popular she is. Ann has no game plan or strategy - she just is. Threesomes with lesbians may be a big deal in his world but it is a silly boast to others, a thing of no, importance. Ann has integrity - he has none.

The task tonight was an artistic one. One Hm from each side was to describe a painting to another three. The snag was that they were describing to the blindfolded, the gagged, and the deafened by jumbo headphones. They had to mime what they saw and tthe others were to work out what they were miming. The women won, largely because of Malika who was incredibly intuitive at guessing rockets to the moon, sharks and starfish, mermaids and domestic chickens.

So! We can begin to sort the wheat from the chaff. Courtney paints a veneer of niceness to face the world with but it's about as real as her foam cleavage. Dapper has never been nice and he despises women judging by how he talks about them. Ashley and Ginuwine are acting romance to win votes not so nice. As for Wayne I'm still shocked at the old man exposing himself. And how could he demand of Amanda that she give him a sponge bath after that? It was part of her duties as butler but this butler could have poured water over his head.

The rest of the HMs seem reasonable and likeable people.
We'll have to wait and see if good triumphs over - I won't say evil - naughtiness?

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Sun Jan 14, 2018 11:51 pm ]
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Tonight's The Night

Lots of interesting little snippets tonight. The men are the bosses now and Rachel cooked breakfast for everyone. As it transpired, she cooked all of everyone's meals for the day. Dapper had to retreat to the DR to have a weep because her cooking reminded him of his Mum's. Everyone enjoyed her efforts -- so why don't they like her more? Could it be that quality of detachment she carries about with her like a glass wall? She is forever questioning but never gives anything of her own away. AWayne felt able to discuss her with the other men in a critical way - not talking noms you understand - just hinting at them.

Courtney came into the room dressed as Shane and earned a hug from Ann who who is much more at ease with him in civvies. It's odd because Courtney is much more outgoing than Sean even if she apparently has the ambitions to be a Barbie doll.

Shane and Andrew had another in depth discussion about their relationship : they are agreed that it's fun, itS it's a friendship with no funny business about it - that's what Sean said anyway and Andrew agreed. But Andrew has made it clear that he has a victory in mind and that Sean is a stepping stone. It's clear that Sean/Courtney thinks the same. What a cynical pair.

So too are Ginuwine and Ashley. She doesn't like his style at all and yet clings to him like a barnacle. This evening he was singing 'Tonight's the Night' while pointing at her vagina. Crude. Interestingly, she pretended not to understand what he meant, presumably so that she wouln't have to send him away with a flea in his ear and thereby end the showmance. The other women were shocked when she told them what had happened. When he recounted the tale to the men, one of them pointed out that she didn't want to be Baby Mama No. 10. Ginuwine didn't like that at all.

The shopping list was done tonight -Wayne wanted lots of avocados which he didn't get. Rachel didn't get her parmesan cheese either which is a loss to the house because what's pasta without parmesan? Anyway, she has threatened to nominate all the men who robbed her of parmesan.

Shane went into the DR to talk about the tensions brought on by the shopping list but he soon moved on to the relationship that isn't happening. He assured the public that it was only a friendship.
Sure, Shane.

The task tonight was a quiz. Jess and Andrew were selected by the public to be their respective team leaders - on the grounds that they were the most gullible. There were spelling, science and General knowledge questions and their team's fed them wrong answers. Andrew stuvk to his guns a couple of times but Jess was persuaded by them every time. That turned out to be a good thing - the winner was the team who got most wrong. The women were provided with a feast as a reward. The table groaned with goodies. Ann approached Big Brother about sharing the feast with the men. She called him a brute when BB said no. She tried to raise a rebellion about it but Rachel stymied that. She was vague about her reasons for not having an insurrection - she didn't come out of that well.

The show ends with horseplay from Andrew and Shane. They touched, they romped. Andrew had his pants pulled down, Sean went over his shoulder. Pillows were piled on top of Andrew - but not to worry, it's just friends having fun.

So now that the HMs aren't non feed by a common dislike of India, we will see some changes this week. I'd say Rachel ws in danger of nominstion for sure. The second nominee is anybody's guess. I'd like to see Ashley and Ginuwine split up. They are so blatantly pretending.

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Tue Jan 16, 2018 12:07 am ]
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Ann the Magnificent

Ashley's showmance is moving into full star-crossed lover mode. She anguished over the fact that she and Ginuwine aren't speaking -and worse they're not even making eye contact. She got under a fur throw with Shane and wept for sorrow. She's inarticulate Ann monotone so that even in the throes of an amorous catastrophe, she's a about as interesting as a goldfish to listen to.

On Sunday a surprisingly large number of HM's held a prayer meeting in the bedroom - Ann, Sean L, Ginuwine, Jess and Malika all prayed for protection for their families outside and for themselves. The meeting ended with smiles and hugs and that calmness which comes over people after prayers..

Rachel had washing up on her mind. She wanted Ann to do it. She was all ready for a Barney as Annx's dishwadhing offends her as much as het politics, but Ann proved quite amenable. After all, she washed up after everybody yesterday. Ann also pointed out that the kitchen floor was sticky and soon found a volunteer to sort that. Rachel looked rather foolish by the end of it all.

Washing Wayne was as urgent as the dirty floor and Amanda was still at his beck and call. It was nauseating to see him being tended to in the bath and even having his toe- nails clipped. Yeuch!

Shane provided us with a strange little scene He meditated with a sleep mask on but the mask had a huge pair of Courtney blue eyes painted on. It was creepy.

Today's task was to run the BB creche. The team which best kept their charges occupied successfully would win. But in fact the children would vote their favourites the winners. They were beautiful cute children who liked John Barnes's face, Andrew's childishness, and Ashley's looks.

Ann showed off her dancing skills with Wayne but had to enlist Sean L to do the lifts.
My heart was in my mouth watching her but all ended well.

In the DR, Ashley whinged some more about Ginuwine - she wants to return to their fun flirty relationship. I don't recall the relationship ever be I g like that.

BB punished Wayne for his nom hints last night He had to write lines. How draconian.

Then came Ann's finest hour. It was strange. Andrew asked Ashley to wax his buttocks. She said she would if Ann said it was all right. So over to Ann he went and introduced the topic of his bottom and wax strips. She told him to go away. She went into the garden and he followed. She had already said that his talk was tawdry, unnecessary, and crude. She thought that no one whose opinion mattered would find it funny. She realised that he had come to her to embarrass her.
It was quite a tonguelashing. They made it up with a hug but she told him she know he couldn't help it.
He deserved it - I mean, who talks to elderly ladies like he does? I admit that I relished a young man with no social graces being challenged.

Andrew smarted under the lash of her wrath. He told the others how she'd treated him, painting her as an old fuddy duddy and spreading out to include her politic and her whole life.
Sulky boy.. As Ann said, he's 27 not 7.

Meanwhile Ashley and Ginuwwine had made up. Ashley got into bed with him and left again ere long , leaving Ginuwine on his own.and sparking a conversation between Ann and Amanda about the lengths of her dress. A short dress or a long jumper?
There's a puzzle to keep me awake at night.

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Tue Jan 16, 2018 11:33 pm ]
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Chocolate Digestives

The main event,of the evening was nominations. Only the men could nominate so I was expecting a female eviction night. To my astonishment, the men nominated Andrew, Dapper, and of all people,
John Barnes. Ann and Rachel were also nominated. However, no sooner were the nominees announced than BB also announced that there would be a nomination twist on Thursday night. Save and replace? Giving out immunities? Reversing the votes? Who can say what they're planning but they don't seem happy with the line up.

John Barnes was nominated because he debates so fiercely. We've never really seen that. Like Maggie, he has disappeared off our screens.
Andrew was nominated for mooning at the bedroom window and leaving skidmarks on it. Delightful brat. Sean Lynch jominated him because of the lewd comments he makes about the female HMs.

The rest of the evening was fragmented. Amanda was everywhere. Her tactic is to be busy and do nice things for people, link bathing Wayne, helping Ann wash mountains of dishes, lending a friendly ear to people with problems:Ann suffering from the age divide, Wayne's prostate cancer, John's tense ñeck muscles. She listens to them all and it might be part tactical but it's mostly genuine.

She preferred washing dishes to playing a question game which turned sleazy as soon as Dapper started playing. But Dapper has that effect everywhere. He gathers the lads about Jim and lewdness ensues. Jess was the target of their sleaze tonight. Quite horrid. Perhaps Dapper should go on Friday along with Andrew.

Ann goes to bed just before 10pm. She was a little down tonight as she settled herself in bed. She knows her views aren't popular but what else can she do but stand up for them? However, she was soon smiling again when Amanda appeared with a plate of digestive biscuits for her. Bless Ann and bless Amanda.

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Thu Jan 18, 2018 12:06 am ]
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Floral Flannel

Some wonderful little snippets tonight.

Ann was not pleased to be roused from her bed by a belting Rhiannon song: Shut Up And Drive. She went to the DR and complained about BB's bad manners. But no scolding could save her from tonight's taskk: BB's Driving Sçhool. HMs paired off and entered adorable plywood cars to practise driving. If they win enough points they can win a Save and Replace ticket.Some got off to a really start - Maggie had to tell them where the front was. When they had completed the course they had to take the theory test and then a road trip where they encountered mad seagulls, lollipop ladies, all the way. Dapper, Ann's partner, was impressedd by her driving skills: courteous, careful, and keeping him attentive to the rules.

Ashley lay all over Ginuwine while the HMs discussed the Save and Replace. Ashley and John won the right to strip another pair of all the points they'd earned. Amanda ànd Wayne and Maggie gladly volunteered.

Malika was in a strange mood and explained to Courtney that she wanted to be left alone and not have to talk to anyone. Courtney was stricken.

Amanda recalled her childhood and seeing the blitz; and how she hated carrying her gas mask to school. Ginuwine meanwhile doled out marital advice,. Wayne made Malika familiar with the Tube.
It's such a change not to hear the usual muck from HIs.

BB again issued a punishment for nom. talks this time Andrew, Dapper, Courtney, and Jonny. The whole house will be deprived of hot water and hair appliances. Ann, in her voluminous flannelette nightie, went straight to the DR and explained that the rule break was inadvertent. She also talked of the serious side rule breaking and how it could be positive when the rules were unjust.

Jonny, Courtney and Andrew were in the garden late at night, bewailing the fact that no one else had joined them. Andrew blamed Ann for that - she is not able to put the light out until all the girl's are in bed,.Andrew then began a spectacular rant about Ann, much like last night's. Courtney agreed the house would be very different if Ann wasn't in it. There was much in a similar vein - Jonny looked very unçomfortable. His dislike was plain to see. He also disagreed with Andrew's plàn to save and replace himself (he and Jess won one of the driving tests) ×-and went away laughing.

At that moment, Ann, still in her floral flannel, came out looking for Rachel. The two men in an instant straightened up and politely told her where Rachel was. They are terrified of the tiny creature in flannel. And Andrew just isn't getting over her reaction when he wanted to discuss his hairy bottom. Andrew had been bragging that he was the only one in thebhouuse who didn't modify his behaviour for Ann but he modified it instantly when she appeared in the garden. He has an an emotional age of 12.

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Fri Jan 19, 2018 12:48 am ]
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True Colours

A night of subtle and not so subtle revelation of character tonight. Genuwine invited Ashley to snuggle with him on the floor later - in front of everyone which Rachel remarked upon. Ann added that it was in front of millions of viewers as well. Somehow Malika translated that into Ann expressing massive disapproval. Malika opined that Ann hadn't had enough touch and human contact in her life. Sean felt that there was nothing wrong with cuddling Both of them attacked Ann for making HMs modify their behaviour, that touch a was a beautiful thing. Rachel jumped in with a reminder to Ashley that Genuine is a 47 year old grandfather.

There was something rat like about Sean/ Courtney when he was laughing at Wayne's reaction to a cold shower; something even more ratlike in the way he told everyone that he was going to tackle Ann about the suppressant effect she has on the HMs. He was calm and assured that he was going to sort out the silly woman.He was all fired up by Malika who indulged in a ferocious rant about both Ann and Rachel, no doubt getting Sean more fired up. His self assurance did not last long. Ann,of course, has never actually said anything disapproval to anybody. She has given an opinion when asked - that's about it. She left the room if the language was bad,s She said, and she did believe in standards of decency and decorum. She said this without ran our Mir preaching. Sean tried again with Genuwine's suggestion that he and Ashley get together on the floor. He implied that Ann's disapproval was inhibiting Ashley. Ashley soon p paid to that idea when she came in the room. I think Sean is so busy concentrating on the young men of the house that he hasn't noticed the women have their own relationships, Both Rachel and Jess have an affection for Ann. And they are adults who fey an elderly woman if they feel like it. As it happens they don't. Poor Sean, his grievance fest over, he was left staring into space looking foolish..

Ann's glory wasn't over yet, She and Dapper won the Driving School Task overall, thanks to Ann's clear and crisp instructions on the speed way. She spared Dapper the agony of selecting Save and Replace and did it herself, saving DAapper and replacing him with Maggie.

She put Maggie up on the grounds that she had been unkind to he men in the electric shock task by laughing at them. Since everyone laughed, that reason seems a little weak to me. And Maggie was furious
Ann should have nominated one of he men if the women are to tend a chance.

So, the candidates for eviction tomorrow night are Ann, Maggiei, Rachel, John and Andrew. Could be Maggie and John to go. Or Rachel and Maggie.
Just so long as it isn't Ann on the way out.

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Sat Jan 20, 2018 12:26 am ]
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So Long, Goodbye, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu...

Rachel and Maggie are gone in tonight's eviction.
When Ann nominated Maggie for inappropriate laughter, she mentioned that Ashley also was an offender and that she would have nominated her also if she hadn't been immune. Only now has Ann realised that she only had to put up with angry Maggie for a few hours, but that angry Ashley was here to stay. So she went to Ashley and apologised. Sort of. Really she just gave an explanation about the lack of empathy shown towards the men. A frosty faced Ashley treated it like an apology and accepted it, but I suspect a nomination is coming Ann's way.

Maggie was genuinely upset over the reason for her eviction: that she was amused by pain and suffering.
This idea gave her pain.

Never mind, Maggie. Ann saved Dapper and was rewarded by a filthy lewd remark from that appalling man. Those are the only terms he can think of a woman in, even à 70 year old woman who'd done her a favour.

Jess was reduced to weepiñg in the bedroom after -Rachel falsely açcused her of never doing any washing up. Ann, Amanda and Maggie all rallied round to comfort her.
BB split the house by inviting some HMs to a party and excluding òthers. At the party Andrew got drunk and very familiar with Malika.She didn't seem to mind. Whatever happened to 'I want to be alone.' which was yesterday's anthem.

The eviction interviews were not terribly interesting: Maggie, likeable as she is, is a slow and laboured speaker, except when it came to her Nemesis, Ann. Rachel was more lively but Emma only wanted to talk about parmesan cheese and Ann. Rachel did say that she was grateful that Ann kept the house verbsally clean. That's quite an achievement in the Big Brothet house..

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Sat Jan 20, 2018 12:26 am ]
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So Long, Goodbye, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu...

Rachel and Maggie are gone in tonight's eviction.
When Ann nominated Maggie for inappropriate laughter, she mentioned that Ashley also was an offender and that she would have nominated her also if she hadn't been immune. Only now has Ann realised that she only had to put up with angry Maggie for a few hours, but that angry Ashley was here to stay. So she went to Ashley and apologised. Sort of. Really she just gave an explanation about the lack of empathy shown towards the men. A frosty faced Ashley treated it like an apology and accepted it, but I suspect a nomination is coming Ann's way.

Maggie was genuinely upset over the reason for her eviction: that she was amused by pain and suffering.
This idea gave her pain.

Never mind, Maggie. Ann saved Dapper and was rewarded by a filthy lewd remark from that appalling man. Those are the only terms he can think of a woman in, even à 70 year old woman who'd done her a favour.

Jess was reduced to weepiñg in the bedroom after -Rachel falsely açcused her of never doing any washing up. Ann, Amanda and Maggie all rallied round to comfort her.
BB split the house by inviting some HMs to a party and excluding òthers. At the party Andrew got drunk and very familiar with Malika.She didn't seem to mind. Whatever happened to 'I want to be alone.' which was yesterday's anthem.

The eviction interviews were not terribly interesting: Maggie, likeable as she is, is a slow and laboured speaker, except when it came to her Nemesis, Ann. Rachel was more lively but Emma only wanted to talk about parmesan cheese and Ann. Rachel did say that she was grateful that Ann kept the house verbsally clean. That's quite an achievement in the Big Brothet house..

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Sat Jan 20, 2018 11:38 pm ]
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Drunk As Owls).

John was entirely optimistic that he would not be evicted. Courtney introduced the topic of straight men experimenting (again - he's obsessed - 'aren't there enough gay men to go round?). John instantly fired back that such a man would be out of the club . He had invited Andrew to some football function - did he mean him? Courtney tried to reason with him but John was adamant and Courtney had no recourse other than a jibe about straight men's fragile sexuality being threatened by people like Courtney. John flattened that argument. Learn, Courtney - he isn't fragile or threatened. To him you're an irritating gadfly. Stick to Andrew who is interested in you whether for experimentation or showmance makes no difference.

Ann raised the flag of rebellion tonight. BB ordered her to exert his authority over HNms who were breaking their rules of employment by msking their own snacks and coffees. She had to remind them that only the two chefs were allowed to perform these tasks. In Ann's opinion tere is too much being piled on their shoulders. The solution is industrial action. All agreed except Rachel who felt that it was a risky course of action before an eviction and should be postponed till afterwards. And that was that.

Amanda was given a mission - to stir things up by telling her best showbiz stories, singing a made up song and acting the dive. Unbeknownst to her, Wayne was given the task of ìnjecting his showbiz stuff over hers, outsinging her and out-diving her. It all ended in laughter - she's so fond of Wayne and he is so good humoured that a row just wasn't on the cards. Tough luck, BB.

After the eviction, Malika, ever ready to stir things up, repeated to Courtney what someone had said about her or her and Andrew. Courtney was shocked because she's had frank conversations with that person which are generally difficult for straight people. I don't think it was John Barnes as I can't imagine him listening to stuff like that. I thunk maybe Jonny was the culprit - he isn't always at ease with the lads' talk, Courtney's in particular. She recalled a conversation with Waynne who thought her politics were overdone. Her analysis of this friendly warning was tortuous. Even to her perhaps because she headed to the toilets with Andrew... Snippets of their conversation were loaded with innuendo. Talk about lowering the tone....

Of course they aren't the only tone-lowerers. Wauyne had a word with Dapper about some jokes he'd made. Protestations that his humour wasn' t meant to offend cut no ice with Wayne who was jindful of his work with children and his patronage of various sovieties. In short, Dapper, don't besmirch Wayne's good name. Best just to shut up. Good for Wayne.

BB supplied HMs with booze and debating topics. The breaking point was one on page 3 girls. Jess was a page 3 girl and became so upset that she walked out. Ashley tried to defend her and ended up quarreling with Ann who was wearing her famous flannel florals and proclaiming that the HMs were all as drunk as owls.
Ashley fled to the lads's corner of the doctor and blurted out how much she hated Ann and Amanda. Meanwhile, Ann was saying how tired she was of Ashley picking at people all the time.
Courtney was sitting next to Ashley. Big mistake. Ashley is beautiful and fine featured. Courtney is usually convincingly feminine but up close to an Ashley, she seemed coarser and less feminine. Andrew started in ion Ann as well - Jonny came to her defense and eventually stalked off.

Sean L declared it was one of those times when he should go and make a sandwich. Or in Ann's case break open the chocolate Digestives.

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Some minor things needed attending to tonight: Sean/Courtney plucked Amanda's chin hairs for her; Ann and Ashley made up again with Ann advising her to learn to let go of disagreements and Ashley saying she respected Ann's integrity (not at all what she said to the Garden Gang;and Jonny went into full scale rebellion mode over the wholesale criticism of Ann. Andrew was displeased by this which -I thoroughly enjoyed. Ìn the DR, Jonny elaborated: He thinks Ann is a straightshooter and the Garden Gang went too far in attacking her behind her back.
Good for him.

Now for a complicated and momentous task. The men's team and the women's team each met and voted for two members of the opposite team to be nominated. But outside the house the event has been billed as a backdoor eviction. I thought 2 HMs were to be evicted; my sister thinks it's only one HM and only a nomination. We'll have to wait for clarification tomorrow night.

At any rate, the men's vote was inevitable. All the brightmyoung things predictably voted for her. Also Amanda one of the nicest HMs around. I'm pleased to say that Wayne fought valiantly and movingly for Amanda. But the young ones wanted the old ones out and so it came to pass.

The women had more difficulty but in the end nominated John Barges and Dapper,
To add another wristband turn, the HMs will undertake 3 tasks to decide whether the male or female pair face eviction. The first task was to stand, arm's outstretched, holding a giant feather. This feat of endurance lasted 45 minutes while one by one HMs dropped out. In the end, Ashley and Jess were the las ones standing, so a win for the women.

John Barnes could think of no reason for his nomination; Ashley was happy to have won for Ann and Amanda; Ann delighted in Girl Power.

Malika asked the men how they got on with their daughter's. It might have been an interesting conversation as the Garden Gang are not noted for pleasant views on women but they had John and Sean L to take a proper fatherly lead from.

ZI'm looking forward to tomorrów night.If Ann and Amanda go, it's back to the kind of BB we hate.
We may live in hope!

Author:  Marion Arnott [ Mon Jan 22, 2018 11:35 pm ]
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Jordan Or Mother Theresa

It was a very lively morning- Ann and John Barnes were first up. John, bright as a new coin, launched into
a detailed account of his life's philosophy.
Have a heart, John, it's only 5.30 in the morniñg.
Jess too was lively - she ran about in the snow, wild with excitement while Wayne led a group in dance exercises.

Ginuwine was unusually talkative, telling of a daring kidnapping attempt on him. He barely escaped and now has three Glocks, each loaded and ready for action. Ashley, forget this guy.

Malika was more thoughtful in the DR. She is impressed by Ann and Amanda's determination to win the power tasks. She realizes that three women have been evicted and no men - it is vital to toss out a man or they are going to be hopelessly outnumbered.

Wayne diced with death by bringing his dance troupe into the living room where Ann was having a nap. Some time during the pirouettes she awoke, snarling.

Andrew and Shane cuddled under a fur rug. They discussed Andrew's habit of sleeping in his boxers and how easy it to be stimulated even when they were only sleepng with a friend. Both admitted being in a state of stimulation.
What is Andrew playing at? He so obviously is in this relationship to 'win this' as he put it the other night.

After admitting his attraction to Shane, Andrew bragged that if he was single, he could have a different girl every night. The secret of his success is talking to women 'as if they're human.' This bragging would be a dagger twisting in Shane's heart were it not for the fact that he's as big a game player as Andrew. Not all his cuddling or draping himself across Andrew will persuade anyone that he's sincere.

The task was in three parts - building blocks, colours, counting the BB eye movements, It was like the old days of BB, tense and exciting. The girls won and so Ann and Amanda were saved. The women had then to decide whether John Barnes or Dapper should be evicted. They chose to save sleazy Dapper on the grounds that he was vulnerable and that John was not. So bye bye a legend and hello Dapper ofthe filthy mouth.

John's departure meant that bed arrangements could be altered. One suggestion was that Shane and Courtney should share a bed in Ann's room. Ann nearly had a fit she was so disgusted. And who can blamed her as the couple frolicked on the floor, yelping and giggling. Wayne, she said, is a noisy brute, but him rather than Sean and Andrew.

There is another eviction tomorrow night but no one knows as yet who has been nominated.

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