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Author:  Tony [ Tue Mar 13, 2007 7:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Brigitte Lin

Just watched Three Swordsmen- Hong Kong swordplay fantasy by Taylor Wong, with Smiling Man (Andy Lau), Ming Sword (Brigitte Lin, dubbed with male voice) and Sabre (Elvis Tsui, who looks like a Chinese Freddie Mercury!) as title characters in another of those barely coherent but very entertaining, contests between madcap wire-fu and the laws of gravity.

For the final Lau vs Lin duel, the noble's troops inform the judge they've just cleared 10 square miles, to protect innocent bystanders...
"Are they that good? Am I safe here?"

This isn't the first Brigitte Lin film I've seen, recently. Both Swordsman II and Swordsman III: East Is Red are great HK adventures, each with a healthy dose of cheap gore effects adding splatter-horror appeal to the high-flying kung fu action heroics. Nothing compares to Lin's Bride With White Hair (and it's equally amazing sequel), but she remains a formidable presence even these lesser martial arts flicks.

I still have the Fire Dragon DVD on the shelf.
Anyone else a fan of Brigitte Lin's films?

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