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Website Accessibility Information

Website Accessibility Information

This website provides some accessibility functions and has been designed to work in a wide range of viewing situations.

Text Size Controls

The following controls appear at the top right of every page:

text controls image

These are used to control the size of the page text. If your web browser doesn't support this function you may find it has its own text size controls. Some browsers also have a zoom function which magnifies the entire page.

If you didn't expect to see this page it's probably because you clicked one of these text size controls. You've been redirected here because your web browser doesn't support javascript, or has it turned off. You can still use the site without this functionality.

Accesskey Options

The main navigation links all have accesskey commands. Pressing the appropriate key along with a modifier key, usually control or alt, is the same as clicking the link. The accesskey options are:

Home: 0
About: a
Contact: c
Interzone: 2
Black Static: 3
Crimewave: 4
Books: 5
Shop: 6
Forum: 7
The Fix: 8
Podcast: 9

Image Viewer Options

When viewing images in the fullscreen mode you can use the following keyboard commands:

Previous image: p
Next image: n
Close image viewer: x

Web Browser Information

This website will work with any standard browser. Javascript and cookies are required for the text size controls and image functions described above. Supported browsers include:




There is also some support for handheld devices and internet-enabled phones, although this cannot be guaranteed.

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