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 Post subject: 10 I still need to see..
PostPosted: Tue Mar 18, 2008 9:40 pm 

Joined: Tue Apr 24, 2007 10:57 pm
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Lets see: first off, this old Mexican film about cock fighting? The subject doesn't sound very enticing (though I've had Hellman's Cockfighter (1974) which apparently contains another essential performance by Warren Oates, on my list for sometime) Neither are likely to surface in the UK in the foreseeable future due to animal cruelty laws either, so it's import only. But this one sounds intriguing, something of a surreal character piece, perhaps as Bunuelian as Ripstein's Imperia de La Fortuna which I have actually ordered? Its a whopping 8.5 on IMDb. And director Roberto Gavaldón made some intriguing and hard to see films before his death in the 80's, including Cuando tejen las arañas, set in a Swiss girls school (Tantalising IMDb plot tag: 'Suicide / Rape / Nudity / Modeling / Melodrama' - 7.5), also on Amazon for peanuts... so this could be the thin end of the wedge..

AMPHIBIAN MAN / Chelovek-Amfibiya (1962)

No, not a crap American TV show but a Russian fantasy : "People living at the seashore town are frightened by reports about the unknown creature called 'The sea devil.' Nobody knows what it is.." Touches of Creature from the Black Lagoon perhaps? I've always had a weakness for those garishly coloured fairy stories from the Soviet cinema of the 60's and 70's, like Jack Frost, Cat in Boots etc. There was a Russian mini series remake of this AMPHIBIAN made recently and I actually bought it by mistake, but in retrospect the reviews have been so bad it's put me off watching it so far. And so now this, the original still sits on my wish list.


A guilty pleasure in the making; I'm looking forward to this Jap variant of The Island of Dr Moreau, and early reports suggest something jaw-droppingly over the top with an ending that is worth the price of admission alone. Asian horror always has something weird about it, even before one takes into account the tale of physical mutation here. In any case its got to be better than that awful remake of Moreau by Frankenheimer(1996. From a work by Rampo.


Something about insomnia and supermarkets. From Amazon : "the director is a famous photographer, and that will explain why the camerawork is simply awesome. Apart from having a collection of the most beautiful women in the world, I am guessing they were models that the director probably worked with before?, roaming around a supermarket, some topless.. .." [can't be Sainsbury's surely] ... my girlfriend and I loved this". Good artwork too, looks very classy from the DVD cover, something to keep out without embarrassment. Some of the reviews make it sound like Clerks meets America's Next Top Model. Cheap too. So on the list it goes.


'The most visceral horror film ever made' and recently banned outright here in the UK by the BBFC so, obviously, one buys this on principle. After all, they also banned Last House on the Left once, and here it is this week, just passed for release finally uncut. This is the longer version of MURDER. UK Customs have a habit of grabbing it. Also, it has Gunnar Hansen in it - Leatherface from CHAINSAW MASSACRE, as a 'Nazi Mechanic'. We've all dealt with those before.


Extracts of this, which stars Belamondo and Bisset, appeared in the recent documentary film Z Channel and looked great: a Bond spoof with more continental flair than Austin Powers ever managed. Unlike the others shown on Z this still seems obscure. But seeing as I always preferred Matt Helm to that shagaboring Powers anyway, this is definitely for me. And mini me.

THE DR MABUSE COLLECTION Return of Dr. Mabuse/Invisible Dr. Mabuse/Death Ray Mirror of Dr. Mabuse [1970]

Fritz Lang's Mabuse films (he made three I think) would be very hard to beat, but these 3 additions to the exploits of the Meisterkriminale look fun and are handily, and cheaply, coupled together at a total of 270 mins. Also it stars Gert 'Goldfinger' Frobe, Lex Barker, and the delectable Daliah Lavi.

HAIR HIGH (2005)

If your a fan of the animator Bill Plympton then you ought to know about this, hard to find cheap latest feature. If you're not aware of him as a distinct auteur, I am sure you would soon recognise his drawing style, or perhaps remember the uniqueness of his previous features: I Married a Strange Person, or the great Mutant Aliens... HAIR contains acting from Matt Groening apparently but, at twenty quid a pop at present, it is just a gleam in my eye.


"Scientists are descending in bathyspere when an underwater volcano erupts. They are saved by a submarine commander on his futuristic sub the Alpha who takes them to a mystical and wonderful place named Latitude Zero" More Jap fantasy, in glorious restored widescreen, courtesy of Tokyo Shock who have brought out a lot of similar product, some great stuff amongst it. This one stars no less than Joseph Cotton and is directed by the great Ishiro 'Godzilla' Honda. Also with Caesar Romero. Cotton is the Captain Nemo type figure here apparently and the special effects are of the glorious, old school variety.


Mouth watering, fully restored East German SF from their Golden Age 50-60's. If you've seen the restored edition of 1929's Frau im Mond recently and, like me, want to know what came after that and Metropolis as far as the next generation of German film makers were concerned, this 3 disc set should answer in spades. Features the delights of THE SILENT STAR, EOLOMA, IN THE DUST OF THE STARS, and costs a spaceman's wages. Plenty of extras. IN THE DUST especially is promising. Promises to be strange mixture of the mad and the inspired.

Incidentally, some of the chapter headings from these films, as listed online, are entertainment in their own right EG: Dan, What Are You Doing There?, You Warned Pierre Yesterday, Well, I'll Be Damned!. Pierre, Are You Receiving Me?, Living Black Specks, You Call Yourself a Friend?, Such a Wimp!, Are You Crazy?, It's Always as Though I'm Going to Explode!, 9 Spaceships Ready for Take-Off Awaiting Instructions!, What's Wrong, Chief? Why Can't I Keep it Here?, We've Got a Visitor, Fantastic Women, I Tell You!, Mission Accomplished, Aboard the Cosmokrator. Landing on Venus, What Is the Aim of Your Flight?, The Boss Wants to Speak to the Commander Alone, Where Is Ronk? Answer!, and, naturally, Mental Block.. The UK market still awaits this one, as it does most of the above..

"It's too short!
We need more monkeys! "

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 21, 2008 11:44 am 
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The Silent Star is available in an English-dubbed version titled First Spaceship on Venus.


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