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Crime & Mystery CRIMEWAVE 12: HURTS OUT NOW!

Contributors' Guidelines

It is strongly recommended that you study the magazine before submitting. Being familiar with what we publish – we don't run police procedurals or locked room mysteries for example – will obviously greatly improve your chances of acceptance.



We are not currently looking for non-fiction.



We are always interested in looking at suitable art or photography for covers. Please use the form on the Contact page to point us to your website or gallery.


Short Stories

We are always open to submissions of new science fiction and fantasy short stories of up to a maximum of 10,000 words.

Your story should be in standard MS format (double spaced, good margins, contact details, approximate word count and page numbers).

There's no need to spend too long on a covering letter, just introduce yourself and tell us of any relevant credits you have.

Never send simultaneous submissions, multiple submissions or reprints.

Please have only one story (per magazine) under consideration at any one time.

Don't be offended by a form rejection. It simply means that we're really busy, with lots of stories to read. But even a form rejection means what it says: send the rejected story somewhere else and try us with something new…and keep on trying!

Don’t submit a rejected story to another of our magazines, as we will already have considered that option.

Submit your story using our online system:

Submit to Crimewave

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